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Bel Carpenter


Vimana & Vinyasa Yoga

Yoga Sculpt

Partner Yoga

Cranial-Sacral and Bodywork

Thai Massage

Bel Carpenter is a Colorado native and is the father of two beautiful children who live in Basalt with their Chihuahua, Sonny. You will often see Sonny at the studio.

Bel is an avid outdoor enthusiast and is an internationally awarded and recognized yogi who has been teaching yoga, training teachers and managing yoga studios for over 21 years.  He is the co-creator of a proprietary yoga practice called Vimana Yoga and has led trainings around the U.S. and Canada.

Bel is the co-author of two yoga training manuals: "The 84" with Esak Garcia and "Vimana Yoga: An In-Depth Guide For Students and Teachers". 

Bel is a healer specializing in healing injuries, creating balance and improving athletic performance.  Book Bel for your Massage, Injury Recovery, Private Training, Teacher Training or Retreat today.


Emilee Celeste


Vinyasa Yoga

Buti Yoga

Restorative Yoga



Emilee was born in Carbondale, CO and was raised in Minneapolis, MN. Her practice started at the early age of 9 when she was enlightened to find that she had truly been stretching, exploring, and contorting her body in “yogic ways” since she could remember. 

“I believe that sometimes we forget to explore, play, and challenge our bodies but yoga gives us a safe space in which to do so.” 

From her early practice, Emilee has been exploring many types of active meditation ranging from Nia to Hula Hooping. Trained in Vinyasa, Slow Flow, Short Form Ashtanga, and Restorative yoga by Johnny Kest and Jason Hulshof of the Center For Yoga in Michigan and Life Power Yoga in Minneapolis. 

Emilee received her 200 hour Yoga Teacher and her Level 1&2 Hula Hoop Instructor Certifications in 2011. She believes first and foremost that the breath is the foundation to any practice. Emilee teaches a supportive class that encourages her students to listen to their bodies for what they need from the practice. 

Emilee’s mission as a teacher is to empower her students to shine in their best light. “Yoga and all forms of active meditation help me to live my life as an expression of the principles I believe in —— peace, love, and truth. We have the power to heal ourselves in many ways through breath and meditation.”


Jollene Butler


Vimana Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga




Watching her mother do Sun Salutations and headstands are among some of Jollene’s earliest memories. And, that is precisely why she stayed away from yoga – as well as carob, spirulina and incense – for the better part of 20 years.  However, after a knee injury and a gentle nudge from the universe, one day she found herself on a yoga mat instead of a running trail.  Immediately, Jollene recognized that this form of mindful movement and deep connection is what she had been longing for, (and, she had to admit that maybe her mom wasn’t all wrong).  She spent several years exploring and learning under the guidance of some phenomenal people, include Natasha Snow Needles of SoHo Yoga where she received her 200-hour certification.

Jollene still feels giddy as her work day ends and she gets to connect with her mat. It remains the most authentic part of her day – a time when she can stop thinking and simply be in her honest state.

In 2014, Jollene was in Bel Carpenter and Emily Longfellow’s Inaugural Vimana Teacher Training. After living and traveling throughout the world, she is thrilled to be back home and teaching at her yogic Alma Mater.  Jollene knows that yoga can bring about some awesome transformations in the body and mind and she chooses to approach it with an upbeat and curious outlook. Her hope is that every student steps off his/her mat nourished, aligned and smiling.




Jenny Ruechel


Buti Yoga

Vimana Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga



Jenny is a Colorado native who has been practicing yoga for over !6 years! She is a sweetheart gangsta that loves to help others and find inspiration in these students and this wonderful yoga community. She is a fitness enthusiast that loves being with her family.