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White Horse Yoga & Fitness:

200-Hour Teacher Training

Our next 200 hour teacher training will be held on Saturdays from 8:30a - 7:30p and Sundays from 8:30a - 6:30 & every other Wednesday from 5:30 - 9:30p and starts October 2019. Each module may be taken individually for continuing education.

50-hour Continuing Education Courses:
•July 13-14 & August 10-11 — White Horse Flow and Fusion
•September 7-8 & September 21-22 — Yoga Sculpt and HIIT

Are you ready to take your practice to the next level? Do you want to share your passion & help people live better lives? Join the White Horse Yoga Team! White Horse Yoga® is an innovative style of Hatha yoga which skillfully blends traditional yoga techniques with modern asana based classes. You will learn how to create and lead balanced, transformational asana classes through 6 different styles of yoga: Vimana Yoga®, White Horse Vinyasa, Fusion, Hot Stretch® (Restorative), Yin and Yoga Sculpt! This training is for passionate yoga practitioners, yoga teachers or anyone interested in deepening their knowledge as a student or teacher.

Sign-Up before September 20th, 2019 for only $2,970. Payment plans are available. One training is $789 (purchased one month in advance or $879 after). Payment plans are available.

With this training you will learn:

  • 200 + Yoga & Stretching Postures

  • How to lead Six Different Styles of Yoga

  • Teaching Fundamentals, Class Sequencing & Counter Postures

  • How to start class & Warm-up, Building and Apex Sequences & How to Finish Well

  • Assists & Hands-on Adjustments

  • How to Use Blocks Props

  • Arm Balance Fundamentals, Training, Teaching & Spotting for Inversions

  • 10 + Pranayama and Kriya Exercises / Bandhas

  • Yoga Philosophy: Yoga Sutras & More

  • Meditation Exercises / The Energy Body: Gunas, Doshas, Chakras & Prana Vayus

  • How to use MusicTheme & Intention to make an Outstanding Class

  • Teaching Methods / Troubleshooting/ Ethics

  • Student Assessments / Modifications / Injuries

  • Core Strength and Weight Training Methods / Yoga Sculpt and HIIT

  • How To Use Asymmetrical Techniques to Create Balance & Symmetry

  • Physiology, Anatomy & Stretching Techniques instructed by licensed Physical Therapist

    Jordan Ross

    What comes with the Training:

    234 page Full-Color Vimana Yoga Book

    Yoga Sculpt and HIIT Training Manual
    Fifteen 60-to-90 minute classes
    10 Hours of flexible home study
    Access to private Vimana Yoga Teachers Facebook Page
    200-Hour Certificate of Completion from White Horse Yoga and Yoga Alliance


Is it time to un-plug, reset, and recharge yourself. Join me for intentional, cathartic workshops, teacher trainings and retreats, at your studio or mine.



1. Introduction to Vimana Yoga:  Vimana Yoga is a therapeutic, fitness based, class designed for all levels.  We will explore all of the Bikram postures plus learn basic flow as well as strengthening and stabilizing exercises. Vimana Yoga combines several styles of yoga including Bikram, Forrest, Para, and Vinyasa Yoga, and prepares you for all styles of practice. Learn how to listen to your body so that you can heal injuries, and grow and expand your practice!

2. 84 Asanas: This is the traditional Ghosh 84 Asanas plus some extras for fun! Bel attended the first Advanced seminar in Los Angeles with Bikram in 1997, and has been practicing "The 84" regularly since. He is the co-author of "The 84" with Emily Longfellow and Esak Garcia.

3. Vinyasa 101: This class focus's on the fundamentals of vinyasa flow. You will learn to combine breath with movement in a progressive sequence to create a unsurpassed experience. We will look closely at several different vinyasa's including Chaturanga vinyasa. We will also explore Sun Salutations including Sun A, B, C and G. All levels are welcome. 

4.  Vimana Hot Stretch:  Vimana Hot Stretch® is a gentle flow practice with elements that include restorative, some long hold (Yin) postures, Dynamic Movement with Breath, short meditations, and Savasana. The more forward bends, asymmetry, attention to alignment, longer holds, awareness of breath, and slower pace taps us into the moon, or Tha energy which allows lengthening in your muscles and releases old patterning. This practice will bring in a steadiness that helps you to tap into your subconscious, allowing you to release stress, and deep held patterning by resetting your Parasympathetic nervous system.  We focus on stretching hips, shoulders, neck and arms with minimal arm balancing.

5. Inversion Workshop:  Join Bel Carpenter for a fun, dynamic, playful, journey into the world of arm balancing, gravity surfing, and inversions. We will explore fun transitions, and practice strengthening and conditioning techniques for arm balancing, floating, tiger, headstand, and handstand postures!

6. Yoga Nidra:  Yoga Nidra relaxes the body, mind and intellect in a systematic manner. It is a resting meditation based on clearing space, and creating intention. Your intention, or Sankalpa is a heartfelt desire to help you fulfill your Dharma, or purpose in life. The most effective Sankalpa is made when you are not intellectually active, but when your mind is calm and quiet. In this state of deep relaxation one's perspective can shift significantly, allowing us to surrender the past, profound realizations, and create positive change. Yoga Nidra brings an incredible calmness, quietness, and clarity, and is one of the deepest of all meditations, leading one's awareness to a state of supreme stillness and insight. Traditionally, it was used by Yogis to purify the Samskaras, the deep impressions that are the driving force behind Karma, in order to move one towards their true Dharma. Bel Carpenter has been practicing Yoga Nidra since 1998 and is ready to share the practice that has helped him through the last two decades.

7. Synergy Partner Yoga:  Synergy Partner Yoga is an interactive, healing art that incorporates partner stretching, beginning "flying", foundation acrobatics, and Thai massage. It inspires trust, community, and playfulness. Learn to listen, feel, and communicate in a whole new way with Synergy Partner Yoga. Come solo or with a friend.

8. "Yin"tensive:  Vimana Hot Yin is both a gentle, and challenging yoga practice.  After a gentle pranayama, passive poses are held for 3-5 minutes in order to access the connective tissues,  tendions, facia, and ligaments at a deeper level.  This not only improves flexibility, but the flow of prana.  A more meditative approach to yoga, Yin aims to cultivate awareness of one’s inner silence, quieting the mind, and bringing to light a universal, interconnecting quality.


1. Vimana Yoga Yoga Alliance Certification 200 - 500 hour at your location

The Vimana Yoga® is an innovative, unique style which skillfully blends traditional yoga techniques with a modern asana based class. You will learn to create, and lead positive, balanced asana classes through 5 different styles of yoga: Vimana Yoga (Hatha Flow), Vinyasa (Flow), Fusion, Hot Stretch® (Restorative), and Yin. Our tier style of teaching gradually builds to the more challenging aspects of teaching. Your will learn what makes each style unique, and also see the crossover between the different practices to gain a greater understanding of how yoga works. Vimana Yoga is a blend of Hatha, Bikram, Vinyasa, Para, Forrest, Slow Flow, Yin, and Restorative Yoga, steeped in the wisdom of Yoga Philosophy, and ancient techniques. This training focuses on building a strong foundation for a powerful, thriving, and sustainable yoga practice. You will learn alignment based instruction based on traditional techniques from the Ghosh and Krishnamacharya lineages.
This 200 hour course is designed for beginner teachers who need the space free from life's distractions to embrace the art of teaching. Because of the unique Vimana style, this is also great for anyone interested in deepening their knowledge, and expanding what they have to offer as a teacher. All of these classes are great additions to any yoga studio’s schedule! They creates space for students of all levels to have a positive, sustainable practice. The training will be lead by E-RYT 500 Bel Carpenter.

2. Beginning Vimana Yoga

The 5 day 50 hour Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Beginning training focuses on on building a strong foundation for a powerful, thriving, and sustainable yoga practice. You will learn alignment based instruction with traditional technique for all levels of practitioners, with an emphasis on beginners. Your students will feel better, and be more motivated to achieve their health, and fitness goals with an expansive diverse practice.

3. Vimana Fusion TT

We designed this practice to bring out the best parts of a therapeutic class while still challenging you to be prepared for everything that life brings. This expansive practice combines elements of traditional Hatha; Forrest, Para, Ghosh, and Vinyasa Yoga. Vimana Fusion teaches you how your favorite postures can flow together to help you find greater depth, and stability. We will explore intelligent, longer sequences, pranayama, Kriya and medititation techniques aimed at helping you find the clarity to set a clear intention, and the tools to realize your dreams ON and OFF the mat.

4. Vimana Vinyasa

The Vimana Vinyasa training teaches the basics of Vinyasa Flow, including fundamentals from Ashtanga, Forrest, and Power Yoga. You will learn beginning techniques for foundational postures, and sequences, that come together to create a therapeutic, yet challenging Vinyasa practice. You will learn strength building exercises to help your students improve their endurance, core, overall physic and achieve their all of their fitness goals. We will cover proper warm-up, class sequencing, and important postures to finish class.

5. Hot Stretch and Yin

The Hot Stretch® Teacher Training is a unique blend of Hatha, Para, Slow Flow, Yin, and Restorative Yoga. The "stretch" style practice that builds off basic physiology and anatomy to create smart sequences which comes together to create a therapeutic and restorative approach to healing by focusing on hips, shoulders, neck, and spinal column. You will learn to create your own classes including proper warm-up, class sequencing, and important postures and breathing techniques to finish class with. This practice is a great addition to any yoga studio’s schedule! It creates a space for your older, or injured students, as well as athletes to practice, and heal. We have found this is our most diverse offering and are delighted to share it with your yoga community.

6. Yoga Sculpt and HIIT Teacher Training.

7. Yoga Alliance Continuing Education           50-500 hours courses at your studio designed specifically for your students!




  • Join me for a spectacular, transformative getaway retreat in Aspen, Colorado.        

  • 200-hour White Horse Teacher Training in Carbondale. Starts October, 2019.

Transform your life, help people, and learn to teach 6 styles of yoga over five months for only $2,970 (before March 13th). Each weekend is $789 (if purchased one month in advance)